A&P Test 2 (2)

  1. the plasma membranes of endothelial cells form a continuous tube that is interrupted only by intercellular clefts
    Continuous capillaries
  2. small pores (holes) ranging from 70 to 100 nm in diameter
    Fenestrated capillaries
  3. have very large intercellular clefts that allow proteins and in some cases even blood cells to pass from a tissue into the bloodstream.
  4. drain the capillary blood and begin the return flow of blood back toward the heart
  5. They are the smallest venules, measuring 10 um to 50 um in diameter, and have loosely organized intercellular junctions
    Structure of Venules
  6. sites of exchange of nutrients and wastes and white blood cell emigration
    function of venules
  7. very thin walls relative to their total diameter. They range in size from 0.5 mm in diameter
    structure of veins
  8. Return blood to heart, facilitated by valves in limb veins.
    function of veins
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