CAS Brevity

  1. Abort
    Cease action /attack/event/mission
  2. Angels
    • Height of friendly a/c in thousands of feet
    • (usually fixed wing)
  3. As Fragged
    Unit or element will be performing as briefed
  4. BASE (+/-#)
    Ref number used to indicate such information as headings, ALT, fuels,ets
  5. Bent
    System indicated is inoperative cancelled by SWEET
  6. Bingo
    Fuel state needed for recovery
  7. Blind
    No visual contact with friendly aircraft or ground position. Opposite of visual
  8. Break + direction
    Perform immediate maximum performance turn in the direction indicated
  9. Buzzsaw
    Chemlight tied to string swung overhead, used to mark friendly position
  10. Captured
    Specified surface target/object has been acquired and is being tracked with an on board sensor
  11. Cherubs
    height of friendly a/c in hundreds of feet above surface (usually rotary wing)
  12. Cleared hot
    Type 1 and type 2 cas terminal attack control clearance to release ordinance on this pass
  13. Cleared to engage
    Type 3 CAS terminal attack control clearance. Attack a/c flight leader may initiate attacks within the parameters imposed by the JTAC
  14. Contact
    Acknowledge sighting of specific reference point(visual or sensor)
  15. continue
    continue present maneuver ,does not imply change in clearance to release ordinance
  16. Continue dry
    Continue present maneuver ordnance release not authorized ,simulated delivery
  17. DASH(#)
    A/C position within flight
  18. Deadeye
    Laser designator system inoperative
  19. Hits
    weapon impact in lethal range
  20.  Jink
    per4form a unpredictable maneuver to negate a tracking solution
  21. Joker
    Fuel state above bingo at which separation /bug out / event termination should begin
  22. Looking
    Air crew does not have the ground object (opposite of contact)
  23. No joy
    Air crew does not have visual contact with the TAGET/BANDIT (OPPOSITE OF TALLY)
  24. OFFSET W/ direction
    Maneuver in a specific direction with reference to the target
  25. Playmate
    Cooperating aircraft
  26. Play time
    • Amount of time on station (H+M)
    • 1+30
  27. POP
    Start climb for air to surface attack
  28. Popeye
    Flying in clouds or area of refused visibility
  29. Pushing
    Departing designated point
  30. Rifle
    Friendly air to surface missile launch
  31. ripple
    Two or more munitions released in close succession
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