Modified Wordly Wise Lesson 13

  1. to rely on for support
    depend (verb)

    Many blind persons depend on guide dogs.
  2. to be based on
    depend (verb)

    Whether or not I go to the concert depends on what my parents say.
  3. reliable
    dependable (adjective)

    If you do a lot of driving, you need a dependable car.
  4. sad and gloomy
    dreary (adjective)

    I pulled up the shades to let more light into Olga's dark and dreary apartment.
  5. the striking of one object by another
    impact (noun)

    The impact of the ball bruised the catcher's arm.
  6. forceful impression
    impact (noun)

    Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech had a great impact on millions of Americans.
  7. to enter by force in order to take over
    invade (verb)

    The German army invaded Russia in June, 1941.
  8. to intrude; to enter in great numbers
    invade (verb)

    I am putting a lock on my door so that my little sister won't be able to invade my privacy any more.
  9. the act of invading
    invasion (noun)

    The gypsy moth invasion caused the destruction of many Cape Cod pine trees.
  10. to cut off from others
    isolate (verb)

    As soon as my brother broke out in spots the doctor isolated him for a week.
  11. the condition of being isolated
    isolation (noun)

    The cottage's isolation makes it appealing to someone seeking a quiet vacation.
  12. cut off from others
    isolated (adjective)

    The lighthouse keeper actually enjoyed her isolated life.
  13. to live in; to take up
    occupy (verb)

    My aunt Bianca's family occupied the apartment next to us when I was little.
  14. to take over by force
    occupy (verb)

    Protesting students occupied the school president's office.
  15. a person's job or profession
    occupation (noun)

    Nursing is a perfect occupation for my brother since he loves helping people.
  16. filling up of time or space
    occupation (noun)

    The sign on the elevator said that occupation by more than 12 people was against the law.
  17. to make known
    reveal (verb)

    If you reveal the wish you made, it might not come true.
  18. to bring into view; to show
    reveal (verb); to show

    The curtain rose to reveal three men sitting on top of a stone wall.
  19. to think of as probably guilty
    suspect (verb)

    The police suspect the man who used to live upstairs of breaking into our apartment.
  20. to suppose that something is true
    suspect (verb)

    I suspect that she knows more algebra than she thinks she does.
  21. a person believed to be guilty
    suspect (noun)

    The suspect asked to see a lawyer before being questioned.
  22. lasting or made to last for a short time
    temporary (adjective)

    The town hall provided a temporary place for people to stay.
  23. great fear
    terror (noun)

    Thunder and lightening always fill my grandmother with terror.
  24. to fill with terror or great fear
    terrify (verb)

    The reports of the crime in the neighborhood terrified the residents.
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