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  1. How many ways can we define internet? The Internet can be defined in two ways:
  2. 1- By describing its basic hardware/software
  3. components
  4. 2- In terms of a networking infrastructure that provides services to distributed applications
  5. End systems are called? Hosts
  6. What are communication links? Fiber optic
  7. What is other name of transmission rate? Bandwidth
  8. What are packet switches? Routers & Switches
  9. What is internet? - The Internet is the global system of interconnected devices that uses the Internet protocol over communication links to share data resources worldwide.
  10. - Infrastructure that provides services to
  11. various applications such as Web
  12. What are standards of internet? - RFC: Request For Comments
  13. - IETF: Internet Engineering Task Force
  14. What is a Protocol? 1. A system of rules that explains the
  15. correct conduct and procedures to
  16. be followed in formal situations.
  17. 2. Rules that sender
    receiver and intermediate
  18. devices need to follow for successful
  19. communication
  20. 3. Protocols define format and order of messages
  21. sent and received
  22. Contrast between Human Protocol and Network Protocol? No Image
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