Vocab Unit 13

  1. Abstruse
    • Adj. extremely difficult
    • Synonyms: esoteric, arcane, recondite, occult
    • Antonyms: simple, straightforward
  2. affront
    • N. an open or intentional insult; a slight
    • V. to insult to one's face; to face in defiance, confront
    • Synonyms: Offense, offend
    • Antonyms: compliment, praise
  3. canard
    • N. a false rumor, fabricated story
    • Synonym: hoax
  4. captious
    • Adj. excessively ready to find fault; given to petty criticism; intended to trap, confuse, or show up
    • Synonyms: faultfinding, nit-picking, carping
    • Antonym: uncritical
  5. cognizant
    • Adj. aware, knowledgeable, informed; having jurisdiction
    • Synonyms: conscious, acquainted
    • Antonyms: unaware, unconscious, oblivious
  6. contrite
    • Adj. regretful for some misdeed or sin; plagued by a sense of guilt; thoroughly penitent
    • Synonyms: remorseful, rueful
    • Antonyms: unrepentant, unapologetic, impenitent
  7. cynosure
    • N. the center of attraction, attention, or interest; something that serves to guide or direct
    • Synonym: focus
  8. decorous
    • Adj. well behaved, dignified, socially proper
    • Synonyms: seemly, becoming, tasteful
    • Antonyms: unseemly, unbecoming, improper, tasteless
  9. deign
    • V. to think it appropriate or suitable to one's dignity to do something; to condescend
    • Synonyms: deem, stoop
  10. desiccated
    • Adj. thoroughly dried out; divested of spirit or vitality; arid and uninteresting
    • Synonyms: dehydrated, shriveled, parched
    • Antonyms: sodden, soggy, waterlogged, drenched
  11. efficacy
    • N. the power to produce a desired result
    • Synonyms: effectiveness, potency, reliability
    • Antonyms: ineffectiveness, impotence
  12. engender
    • V. to bring into existence, give rise to, produce; to come into existence, assume form
    • Synonyms: beget generate, cause, form
    • Antonyms: stop, deter
  13. ethereal
    • Adj. light, airy, delicate; highly refined; suggesting what is heavenly (rather than earthbound)
    • Synonyms: heavenly, celestial, gossamer
    • Antonyms: infernal, hellish, thick, heavy
  14. facade
    • N. the front or face of a building; a surface appearance (as opposed to what may lie behind)
    • Synonyms: exterior, surface, mask, pretense
    • Antonyms: interior
  15. ghoulish
    • Adj. revolting in an unnatural or morbid way; suggestive of someone who robs graves or otherwise preys on the dead
    • Synonyms: fiendish, barbarous, monstrous
  16. incongruous
    • Adj. not in keeping, unsuitable, incompatible
    • Synonyms: discordant, jarring
    • Antonyms: compatible, harmonious, consistent
  17. machination
    • N. a crafty, scheming, or underhanded action designed to accomplish some (usually evil) end
    • Synonyms: plot, scheme, maneuver
  18. mesmerize
    V. to hypnotize, entrance; to fascinate, enthrall, bewitch
  19. opprobrium
    • N. disgrace arising from shameful conduct; contempt, reproach
    • Synonyms: infamy, dishonor, odium, shame
    • Antonyms: acclaim, honor, glory, renown
  20. putative
    • Adj. generally regarded as such; reputed; hypothesized, inferred
    • Synonyms: supposed, presumed
    • Antonyms: known, corroborated, confirmed
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