CH 20 Chemical Texture Services

  1. Tough exterior layer of hair that protects it from damage
  2. Innermost/center of hair often called pith or core of hair
  3. pH is an abbreviation for..
    Potential Hydrogen
  4. pH represents quanity of...
    hydrogen atoms
  5. ______ measures the alkalinity and acidity in a substance
    pH scale
  6. When the pH of hair is risen to an alkaline state, it ____ & ____ the hair shaft.
    softens; swells
  7. The basic building blocks of the hair are...
    amino acids, peptide bonds, polypeptide chains, keratin proteins, and side bonds
  8. also called end bonds, they are chemical bonds that join amino acids together
    peptide bonds
  9. The cortex is made up of millions of polypeptide chains cross-linked by 3 types of side bonds:
    disulfide, salt, hydrogen
  10. a 2-step process in which the hair goes through a physical change(wrapping the hair in rods) & chemical change(breaking the disulfide bonds.
    Permanent Waving
  11. The concentration of the reducing agent, thio, gives the perm waves its _____
  12. A 2nd factor that gives a perm its strength is _____ __ ______
    degree of alkalinity
  13. What is the active ingredient in a perm solution?
    Ammonium Thioglycolate
  14. Another name for alkaline wave
    cold wave
  15. If the scalp shows any signs of ________ do not preform perm/chemical service
  16. If the hair has had a ________ ________ we cannot do a perm.
    hydroxide relaxer
  17. ______ _____ ______ is a process in which curly hair is restructured into a straighter or smoother form
    Chemical Hair Relaxing
  18. this type of relaxer uses a thio relaxer with flat ironing
    Japanese thermal Straightening
  19. A hydroxide relaxer removes a sulfur atom from a disulfide bond and converts it into a _______ _______
    lanthionine bond
  20. Sodium hydroxide is a _____-relaxer
  21. No Mix, No Lye Relaxer
    Potassium Hyrdoxide Relaxer
  22. The strength of the relaxer is determined by the amt. of _____
  23. Keratin straightening treatments work by fixing the keratin in _____ in a semi permanent manner
  24. Where do you start a chermical relaxer application?
    back of the head
  25. If you don't use caution in plaxing the rods in hair you can cause additional ______ & tension on hair
  26. Which base placement minimizes stress and tension on hair
    half base
  27. Placing the rod at a certain direction/angle is called ____ ____
    base direction
  28. 2 methods of wrapping hair
    spiral & croquignole
  29. _______ perm wrap is wrapped from the ends to the scalp in overlapping concentris layers
  30. double-rod wrap also called
    piggy-back wrap
  31. wrapping following the curvature of the head
    curvature wrap
  32. offsetting the rods one row to another is _____ wrap
    brick-layer wrap
  33. Cold/Alkaline Waves range a pH of ______
  34. All acid waves have 3 separate components:
    permanent waving solution/lotion, activator, neutralizer
  35. Modern acids waves that have 7.0 or neutral pH
    acid-balanced waves
  36. Waves that use cystamine & mercaptamine instead of Ammonium Thiogycolate
    thio-free waves
  37. In a perm, the basic processing time takes..
    5-10 min
  38. The most common neutralizing agent
    hydrogen peroxide
  39. Wrap using one paper
    sing-flat wrap
  40. subsections of panels into which hair is divided for a perm
    base sections
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