that's english modulo 6 unit 4-wirter

  1. un esperto escritor
    a master storyteller
  2. apesar de su longitud grosor de mas de mil paginas
    despite its length of almost a thousand pages /lɛŋkθ/
  3. un éxito inmediato
    an instant success
  4. aparecer salir publicado en todo el mundo
    to come out around the word
  5. los personajes son encantadores
    the character are memorable
  6. esta ambientada en Tokyo
    la trama sucede en Tokyo
    the set is in Tokyo
  7. esta escrita en diferentes generos
    write in many different genres
  8. se tradujo a mas de 50 lenguas
    it was translated into more than fifty language
  9. hacerse famoso
    to become popular
  10. temas
  11. the genres
    • autobiography
    • biography 
    • crime novel
    • horror novel
    • poetry
    • romantis novel
    • science fiction
    • sci-fi novel
    • film script
    • short-stories
    • essays
    • diary
  12. themes
    • murder
    • history
    • religion
    • violence
    • family ties and love
  13. a pesar de su longitud de casi mil paginas
    Despite its length/lɛŋkθ/ of almost a thousand pages
  14. there are elements of
    • fantasy
    • magic
    • realism
    • philosophy
    • science fiction
  15. engancha por
    • it's engaging because of 
    • engaging: /ɪnˈɡeɪdʒɪŋ/ cautivador contagioso

    the book is engaging because of
  16. los libros como se conocen están desapareciendo
    the books as you know them are disappearing
  17. me gusta leer este genero mas que ningun otro
    i like reading this genre best of all
  18. siempre que
    as long as they catch the killer in the end
  19. una mas amplia variedad
    people are starting to read a wider/waɪde/of things
  20. tenemos  que avanzar
    we have to move forward
  21. abrir online
    the libraries are opening up online
  22. las cosas no permanecen siempre igual
    things don't stay the same for ever
  23. se actualiza
    it update every few minutes
  24. ventas cayendo
    paper book sales are already falling
  25. estar cerca
    be around

    • i'm sure book will be around for a long time
    • permanecera mucho tiempo.
  26. las ventas subiendo
    e-book sales are rising
  27. cerrando definitivamente, clausurando
    • close down
    • bookshop are closing down all over the country
  28. tengo la esperanza de que
    i hope greatly that

    i hope greatly that paper book will not disappear
  29. entusiasta de la tecnologia
    • techy[ˈtetʃɪ]
    • the techy one in the house
  30. asesorarse, aceptar consejos
    take advice

    take advice from friends
  31. tener un libro en las manos
    hold a book in your hands
  32. continua aumentando, creciendo
    he's a write whose popularity continues to grow
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