Chapter 6

  1. is not a valid factor to consider if one wants to become a police officer.
    A high pay scale
  2. Applicants have to pass a _______  to become a police officer.
    psychological tests, background check, fitness test, and physical exam
  3. Who remains a minority in most police departments ?
  4. The process in which members learn the symbols, beliefs, and values of a group is called
  5. When a group shares symbols, beliefs, and attitudes, this is referred to as
    a subculture.
  6. A set of emotional and behavioral characteristics developed by members of an occupational group in response to a work situation and environmental influences is called
    the working personality
  7. Working personality, police morality, isolation of the police, and acceptance of independent actions by other officers are
    key issues in understanding the police subculture.
  8. During most day to day encounters with police officers, most citizens respond
    most positively to the officers' demeanor.
  9. a major job of the police.
    Traffic regulation
  10. Most police work is reactive, which means police
    respond to citizen calls for service
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