Chapter 5

  1. In London, police commissioners named after Sir Robert Peel were called
  2. _____ was a leading advocate of professionalism within the police force
    O.W. Wilson
  3. In their article entitled "Broken Windows: The Police and Neighborhood Safety," James Q. Wilson and George Kelling argued that police should
    work more on the little problems such as maintaining order.
  4. When police arrest subway fare beaters, loiterers, and panhandlers, they are focusing on
    quality-of-life crimes.
  5. is a police function that is a broad mandate to prevent behavior that disturbs the peace or involves face-to-face conflict.
    Order maintenance
  6. If police officers provide first aid, rescue animals, or help the homeless, this is an example of
  7. Except when official action is mandated by law, the closer the relationship between the alleged criminal and the victim will influence
    police discretion
  8. Studies of police practices regarding domestic violence that occurred before the women’s movement
    found that police were less likely to intervene when wives were victimized by their husbands.
  9. A strategy for addressing domestic violence that is supported by some research is
    make arrests in all cases.
  10. describes the relationship of police to minorities
  11. The recognition that the control of crime cannot rest solely with the police illustrates
    the idea of community crime prevention.
  12. Highly publicized cases of women receiving injuries in the presence of police showed that police officers may face lawsuits
    if they do not assist a victim of domestic violence.
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