ab psy exam 2-chapter7

  1. depression
    low, sad state in which life seems dark and its challenges overwhelming
  2. mania
    opposite of depression, state of breathless euphoria, frenzied energy. the world is theirs for the taking
  3. depressive disorders

    what kind of depression is this?
    they only suffer from depression

    unipolar depression
  4. bipolar disorder
    alternate between periods of mania and depression
  5. behavioral symptom of depression
    are usually less active and less productive. spend more time alone and stay in bed more often.
  6. cognitive symptom of depression
    they hold extremely negative views about themselves, and blame themselves unnecessarily. they are often pessimistic and they feel they aren't intelligent.
  7. physical symptoms of depression
    headaches, indigestions, dizzy spells, constipation, general pain, etc. lack of sleep! they eat too little or too much and are often tired.
  8. seasonal Major Depressive disorder
    changes with the seasons
  9. catatonic
    immobility or excessive activity
  10. peripartum
    occurs during pregnancy or 4 weeks after birth
  11. melancholic
    almost unaffected by pleasurable events
  12. exogenic
    follows a stressful event: reaction
  13. endogenic
    a response to internal factors
  14. oral stage and introjection of Freud and Abrahams theory
    oral- the person sees them self in the person they mourn and in turn mourn themself

    introjection- they direct all their feelings towards the loved one, towards themselves
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