BIMM 120 CH 13

  1. energy from environment can come from what?
    • organic chemicals
    • inorganic chemicals
    • light
  2. ability to do work
  3. entropy
    measure of disorder or randomness in a system
  4. open systems
    all living things are open systems that gain energy from environment
  5. What range of light can be absorbed by organic molecules?
    mostly visible light
  6. two examples of energy carriers
    NADH and ATP
  7. ATP is an "____" energy carrier
  8. three pathways ATP can transfer energy to cell processes
    • hydrolysis, releasing phosphate
    • hydrolysis, releasing pyrophosphate
    • phosphorylating of organic molecules
  9. enzymes and ΔG
    does not affect
  10. three main catabolic pathways
    • fermentation
    • respiration
    • photoheterotrophy
  11. photoheterotrophy
    catabolism is conducted with a boost from light
  12. bacteria and archaea use three main pathways to catabolize glucose
    • glycolysis
    • ED pathway
    • pentose phosphate pathway
  13. fermentation
    the completion of catabolism without the ETC and a terminal electron acceptor
  14. homolactic fermentation
    two molecules of lactic acid
  15. ethanolic fermentation
    two molecules of ethanol and two CO2
  16. heterolactic fermentation
    one lactic acid, one ethanol, one CO2
  17. mixed-acid fermentation (key product)
  18. two fermentation stages of Swiss cheese production
    • Lactobacillus: converts lactose sugars to lactic acid
    • Propionibacterium: converts lactate to propionate, acetate, CO2
  19. diagnostic microbiology (def and two examples)
    • identify microbe causing disease and prescribe an effective antibiotic
    • phenol red broth test, Sorbitol MacConkey Agar
  20. where does TCA/Krebs take place in prokaryotes and eukaryotes
    cytoplasm and mitochondria, respectively
  21. pyruvate is broken down into
    Acetyl-CoA and CO2
  22. products of TCA for each pyruvate oxidized
    • 3 CO2
    • 4 NADH
    • 1 FADH2
    • 1 ATP
  23. catabolism of _____ by bacteria and fungi recycles ____
    • aromatic molecules
    • lignin from wood
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