B1.7.1 // Why Organsims Are Different

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  1. What are sex cells called?
  2. What develops from sex cells?
  3. What do genes carry?
    Genetic information
  4. What are genes carried on?
  5. Where are these found in a cell?
  6. What do genes do?
    Control the characteristics of the body
  7. What are the three reasons why organisms of the same kind may be different?
    • 1. Different genes may have been inherited
    • 2. Their environment 
    • 3. A combination of both
  8. What is the name for genetically identical individuals?
  9. What do gardeners do to quickly and cheaply produce new plants?
    Take cuttings from old plants
  10. Name 3 cloning techniques
    • 1. Tissue Culture
    • 2. Adult Cell Cloning
    • 3. Embryo Transplantation
  11. In genetic engineering, what are used to "cut out" genes from chromosomes?
    Biological scissors a.k.a enzymes
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B1.7.1 // Why Organsims Are Different
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