Yoga Midterm 1 (2)

  1. What is PRANA?
    life force
  2. Name and describe the main type of breathing done in yoga
    Ujjayi- is characterized by an audibly hollow deep, soft sound coming from your throat.
  3. breathing through your nostrils with your mouth closed and the suction coming from the back of your throat describes what type of breathing
  4. where is the physiological center located?
    In the hara (2 inches below the navel aka pelvic bone)
  5. every yoga posture is a combination of at least__ lines of energy, each line radiating ___ from the center
    two, outward
  6. The most important line of energy in every posture is your __
  7. explain what is meant by "the edge" ?
    your bodies place just before pain but not pain itself
  8. Explain why you should never be in pain as you practice yoga
    It should be an expression of joy when you feel pain you withdraw, but in yoga you need to be fully connected and enjoying yourself
  9. How far you can fold forward is limited by your ____. the length of your stay in a pose is determined by your ___
    flexibility edge, endurance edge
  10. what is the ideal state for yoga practice?
    to be as relaxed as possible
  11. what is the most subtle and sensitive way to play your edges and fine tune the feel of your stretches
    with your breathing
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