CS120 Final

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  1. What term was coined to apply to the comparative study of automatic control systems, such as the brain/nervous system and mechanical-electrical communications systems?
  2. Software that helps a computer perform essential operating tasks and enables other software to run is called (a/an) ________
    system software
  3. Among the payoffs of being tech smart is/are
    • -better buying decisions
    • - fix ordinary computer issues
    • - use internet effectively
  4. Devices such as PCs and workstations that are connected to a server are called _______
  5. A communications system connecting two or more computers is called a(n) ________
  6. High-capacity computers with thousands of processors that can perform more than several quadrillion calculations per second are called __________
  7. An input device that converts letters, numbers, and other characters into electrical signals readable by a processor is called a/an ________
  8. When a user enters monthly bills into a family finance computer program, these amounts are considered to be ________
    input data
  9. The results of a computer's processing are called ________
  10. The ability to link computers to one another by communication lines providing online information access and the sharing of peripheral devices is called ________
  11. Which of the following is NOT an output device
  12. The computer circuitry that temporarily holds data waiting to be processed is known as ________
    primary storage
  13. Which of the following is NOT considered a part of cyberspace?
  14. A device that sends and receives data over telephone lines, or wirelessly, to and from computers and other devices is called a(n) ________
  15. When a user prints a report for class, the report would be ________
  16. The technology that consists of electromagnetic devices and systems for communicating over any distance is called ________
    communications technology
  17. This is a tiny piece of silicon that contains millions of miniature electronic circuits
    processor chip
  18. ________ is a general term used to describe any technology that helps to produce, manipulate, store, communicate, and/or disseminate information
    information technology
  19. ________ computers are wireless, portable, mobile devices with touch screens and often with smartphone capabilities.
  20. http://www.ethel.com is an example of a _____________
  21. The "online" portion of http://online.roguecc.edu is an example of a __________________
  22. n http://www.fred.com the www.fred.com portion is called a(n) ____________________
  23. In https://www.usbank.com the "https" portion is known as the ________________
  24. In http://www.icann.org the "icann.org" portion is known as the _______________
    domain name
  25. A program that adds a specific feature to a browser, allowing it to play or view certain files, is a ________
    plug in
  26. The set of special instructions used to specify document structure, formatting, and links to other multimedia documents is called ________
  27. Megabits per second are ________.
    1 million/sec
  28. HTML connections to other documents or web pages that contain related information are called ________ links.
  29. In the email address Joe_Black@earthlink.net.us, "earthlink" is the __________.
    domain name
  30. Software that enables users to find and access the various parts of the web is called a ________
  31. The .gov, .com, .net, and .edu extensions are examples of ________
  32. A search engine that allows you to search several search engines simultaneously is called a ________
    metasearch engine
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