Dairy2- DAs

  1. Does a DA affect a cows production for the duration of her time in the herd?
    no- cows with a DA that stay in the herd eventually catch up to other cows that had not had a DA
  2. What is the biggest risk factor for disease in the life of a dairy cow?
  3. Anatomic factors that contribute to the development of a DA.
    decreased rumen fill, hypomotility
  4. Management factors that contribute to the development of a DA.
    decreased DMI pre-fresh, too slow increase in DMI post-calving
  5. Although decreased DMI post-partum occurs in almost all cows,what can we do to minimize the drop in DMI?
    adequate bunk space per cow, don't put first-calf heifers and cows in the same fresh group, pen moves at right time
  6. How can we prevent decreased rumen fill pre-partum?
    straw in diet- slow transit time, not a lot of nutrients, so DMI decreases while they're still full so the drop off post-partum isn't as dramatic
  7. What is the best post-fresh ration?
    whatever they will eat! main focus should be increasing DMI
  8. "To prevent DAs, just do the following..."
    prevent hypocalcemia, reduce drop in DMI pre-partum, obtain steady rapid increase in DMI post-partum, rumensin in dry cow diet.
  9. What is Midla's technique for pexy during DA repair?
    pyloric antropexy (DON'T ENTER ABOMASAL LUMEN--> can cause fistula)
  10. Based on studies, roll and toggle is inferior to veterinary surgical repair of DA based on survival statistics. T or F
  11. What factors are related to failure to stay in herd after DA repair? (4)
    concurrent mastitis at time of DA, history of previous LDA, high pre-operative risk, farm personnel did roll and toggle instead of veterinarian
  12. Should you give perioperative antibiotics?
    No!!! useless. If you're going to administer antibiotics, do it far enough in advance so that the antibiotic is in the blood that oozes out of the incision site (have the farmer do it before you even go there)
  13. If a cow has a right-sided twist, make sure to give her _______.
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