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    name, function, location
    simple squamous epithelium

    • function: allows materials to easily diffuse and filtrate where protection is not necessary. Also involved in secretion
    • location: kidney, glomeruli, nasal lining, blood vessels, serosae, blood vessels
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    name, function, location
    simple cuboidal epithelium

    function: secretion and absorption

    location: kidney tubules, ducts and secretory portions of small glands, ovary surface
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    name, function, location
    goblet cells

    function: excrete mucus

    location: within simple columnar epithelium
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    name, function, location
    pseudostratified columnar epithelium

    function: secretion, mainly mucus through ciliary action

    location: trachea
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    Name, function, location
    stratified squamous epithelium

    function: protection from abrasion

    location: lining esophagus, mouth, and vagina
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    name, function, location
    transitional epithelium

    • function: stretching, mainly within urinary organ
    • location: lining uterus, bladder and part of the ureters
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    name, function, location
    thin ribbons
    dark ribbons
    • thin ribbons: elastic fibers
    • dark ribbons: collagen fibers
    • dots: nucleus

    function: wraps and cushions organs

    location: forms lamina propia or under layer of epithelium
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    name, function, location
    adipose connective tissue, loose

    function: food reserve

    location: mainly under skin or around kidneys
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    name, function, location
    reticular connective tissue

    • function:
    • forms soft internal skeleton supporting other cell types, macrophages
    • location: lymph, bone marrow, spleen
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    name, function, location
    dense irregular connective tissue

    function: able to withstand tension pulled from many direction

    location: fibrous capsules of organs, joints, and dermis of skin
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    name, function, location
    dense regular connective tissue

    • function: attaches muscles to bones.
    • location: tendons, ligaments, aponeuroses
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    name, function, location
    cardiac muscle, dense connective tissue

    function: for recoil of tissue as well as stretching

    location: walls of large arteries, within certain ligaments
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    name, function, location
    hyaline cartilage

    • empty space: matrix
    • white part of cell: chondrocyte in lacuna

    • function: supports and reinforces
    • location: forms costal cartilages
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    name, function, location
    elastic cartilage

    function: maintain shape of structure for flexibility

    location: supports external ear
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    name, function, location

    function: tensile strength with ability to absorb compressive shock

    location: intervertebral discs
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    name, function, location
    osseous tissue

    function: bone supporting and protecting muscles

    location: bone
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