Exam 1

  1. illness
    an abnormal process in which aspects of the social, emotional, or intellectual condition and function of a person are diminshed or impaired.
  2. licensure
    the granting of permission by the overseeing authority to engage in practice or activity that would otherwise be illegal
  3. dorothea dix (1802-1887)
    pioneer crusader for elevation of standards of care for the mentally ill. Superintendent of Female Nurses of the Union Army
  4. clara barton (1821-1912)
    developed the american red cross in 1881
  5. mary ann ball (1817-1901)
    one of the greatest nurse heroines of the Civil War. Championed the rights and comforts of the soldiers; organized diet kitchens, laundries, ambulance service; and supervised the nursing staff
  6. linda richards (1841-1930)
    first trained nurse in America. Responsible for the development of the first nursing and hospital records. Credited with the development of our present-day documentation system
  7. isabel hampton robb (1860-1910)
    organized the first graded system of theory and practice in the schools of nursing. One of the founders of American Journal of Nursing
  8. lavina dock (1858-1956)
    responsibl, with Robb, for the organization of the American Society of Superintendents of Training Schools, which evolved into the National League for Nursing Education
  9. mary eliza mahoney (1845-1926)
    graduated from the New England Hospital for Women and Children in 1879, becoming the first African-American professional nurse. Worked for acceptance of African Americans in the nursing profession
  10. lillian d.wald (1867-1940)
    responsible for the development of public health nursing in the United States through the founding of the Henry Street Settlement in New York City
  11. mary adelaide nutting (1858-1947)
    a leader in nursing education. Developed curriculum concepts and guidelines for student nurses. Assisted in the development of the International Council of Nurses
  12. mary breckenridge (1881-1965)
    pioneer in nurse-midwifery. Established the Frontier Nursing Service to deliver obstetric care to mothers in the hills of Kentucky; these nurses traveled on horseback to reach the mothers
  13. approved program
    one that satisfies the minimum standards set by the state agency responisble for overseeing educational programs
  14. accreditation
    a higher standard that signifies that the accrediting organization has judged that a program has met its preestablished criteria
  15. articulation
    allows nursing programs to plain their curricula collaboratively; to lessen duplication of learning experiences and supporta process of progressive buildup
  16. wellness
    a dynamic state of health in which an individual progresses toward a higher level of functioning, achieving an optimal balance between internal and external environment
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