Chapter 6 Quiz

  1. Which of the following transactions would BEST be describedas involving a ground lease?
    With the landowners permission, a tenant builds and owns a shopping center on vacant land, leased from the home owner
  2. A percentage lease is a lease that provides for a
    definate monthly rent, plus a percentage of the tenents gross receipts in excess of a certain amount
  3. If a tenant moved out of a rented store building because access to the building was blocked as a result of the landlord's negligence, the
    Tenant may be entitled to recover damages from the landlord.
  4. A tenant's written 5 year lease with monthly rental payments expired last month, but the tenant has remained in possessions and the landlord has accepted his most recent rent payments without comment.  At this point
    the tenant is a holdover tenant
  5. In PA, a lease for more than 3 years must be in writing because
    The statute of frauds requires it
  6. A tenant who transfers all rights for the remainding term of the lease to a third party
    Is assigning the lease
  7. After a tenant;s lease expired, the tenant neither vacated nor negotiated a renweal lease.  The landlord has declared that she does not want the tenant to remain in the building.  The tenant holds
    An estate of sufference
  8. A tenant's lease will expire in two weeks, at which time, the tenant will move into a larger quarters, on the other side of town.  To terminate the agreement,
    Nothing needs to be done--the agreement will terminate automatically
  9. When a tenant holds possession of a landlord's property without a current lease agreement and without the landlords apporval, the
    Landlord can file suit for possession
  10. Under the negotiated terms of a residential lease, the landlord is required to maintain the water heater.  If a tenant is unable to get hot waters becasue of a faulty water heater that the landford has failed to repair after repeated notification, the following remedies would be available to the tenant
    • Suing the landlord for damages
    • Abandoning the premises under constructive evictionTerminating the lease agreement
    • NOT--suing the landlord for breach of the covenant of seisin
  11. The leashold interest that automatically renews itself at each expiration is the
    tenacy from period to perid
  12. A landlord leased space in her shopping center to the owner of a dress store.  However, the dress store failed and that and the owner sublet the space to to a cigar store.  Then the cigar store iwner failed to make rental payments when they were due.  The lease was breached.  Therefor the
    The landlord has recourse against the dress store owner only
  13. Which of the following BEST describes a net lease
    A lease in which the tenant pays a fixed rent and the landlord pays all taxes in addition to some of the operating expenses
  14. A lease calls for a minimum rent of $1,200 per month, plis 4% of the annual grodd business over $150,000.  If the total rent apid at the end of one year was $19,200, how much business did the tenant do during the year?
    $270,000  (See book for math)
  15. WHich of the following wold automatically reminate a residential lease?
    Total destruction of the property
  16. A tenant moves a pet into an apartments community that has a no pets policy.  The landlord wished to remove the tenant becasue of this breach.  The legal process to remove the tenant is known as
    Actual eviction
  17. The tenant signs a lease that includes the following clause:  The stated rent under agreement will be increased or decreased every three months based on the percentage increase in the custoer price index, CPI for that period.  What kind of lease has the tenant signed?
  18. THe death of either the landlord or the teant will terminate the lease  and the parties heirs will NOT be bound by it's terms under a
    Tenancy at will
  19. The tenannt leases a heated apartment, but the landlord fails to provide heat becasue of a defective central heating plant.  The tenant vacates the premises and refuses to pay any rent.  This is an example of
    Constructive eviction--the premises are unusable
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