pbs key terms

  1. autopsy
    an examination of the body after death usually with such dissection as well expose the vital organs for determining the cause of death
  2. bibliography
    a document showing all the sources used to research information
  3. biomedical science
    the application of the principles of th natural sciences, especially biology and physiology, to clinical medicine
  4. cardiovascular system
    the transport system of the body responsible for carrying oxygen and nutrients to the body and carrying away carbon dioxide and other wastes; composed of the heart, blood vessels, and blood.
  5. cell
    the smallest structural unit of living matter capable of functioning independently
  6. citation
    a written reference to a specific work (book, ariticle, dissertation, report, musical composition, etc.) by a particular author or creator which identifies the document in which the work may be found
  7. coroner
    the presiding officer of a speciasl court, a medical officer, or an officer of law responsible for investigating deaths, particularly those happening under unusual circumstances
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