BIMM 120 CH 6

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  1. How do viruses evolve?
    coevolve with host
  2. three components of T4 bacteriophage
    head, helical neck, tail fibers
  3. what infects E. coli?
    bacteriophage lambda
  4. T/F - viruses have their own separate position on the tree of life
    false; viruses are non-living
  5. what mediates host recognition and attachment?
    cell-surface receptors
  6. what is the empty phage capsid left outside the cell called?
  7. bacterial virus growth curve
    one-step growth curve
  8. three stages of one-step growth curve
    • eclipse period
    • rise period
    • lytic stage
  9. In a virus, what is nucleic acid contained?
    protein capsid
  10. T/F - viral capsid cannot self-assemble
  11. glycoprotein spikes
    encoded by the virus and allow it to recognize and infect host cells
  12. filamentous virus as ____ symmetry
  13. Five requirements for host infection
    • host recognition and attachment
    • genome entry
    • genome expression and replication
    • assembly of virions
    • exit and transmission
  14. lytic vs. lysogenic
    • lytic kills host
    • lysogenic: integrates into the cell's chromosome
  15. lysogenic conversion
    prophage genes can be expressed and change host phenotype
  16. bacterial defense against bacteriophage (3)
    • genetic resistance: alter receptor proteins
    • restriction endonuclease
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