that's english modulo 6 unit4 -expresiones

  1. analisaremos
    This term we'll be looking at fictional story-telling, including the novel, the short story and scripts for theatre and film

    en esta unidad analizaremos cuentos de ficción incluido las novelas, cuetos y guiones para teatro y films
  2. interesada en oir lo que
    I'm interested to hear what you've been doing in the holidays
  3. tengo la escena que describe
    I've got to the scene which describes the lovers' meeting on the ferry
  4. el principio, opertura
    The opening was wonderful.
  5. personaje femenino
    I didn’t like the male character.
  6. se suponia que iba a se divertido como
    It’s supposed to be funny like Bridget Jones’s Diary
  7. decepcionar
    • don't let me down
    • All the men that she meets let her down.
  8. deprimirse
    she gets depressed and becomes frightened of relationships.
  9. estar ambientada
    • to be set in
    • You're writing a sci-fi novel which is set in the 22nd century.
  10. echar un vistazo
    We're going to look at character development later.
  11. desarrollo del personaje
    evoluciona del personaje
    the character development
  12. para quien los estas escribiendo
    it depends who you're writing it for.
  13. borrador
    draft /drɑːft/

    • I’ve finished a first draft
    • well done!!
  14. acercarse

    As he approached, he let out a terrifying roar

    dejò salir un horrible grito
  15. dejar salir
    let out
  16. vivir en la miseria
    be in poor condition /biːn pɔː(r) kənˈdɪʃ(ə)n/
  17. mi hogar es mi castillo
    my home is my castle /maɪ həʊm ɪz maɪ ˈkɑːs(ə)l/
  18. no hay otro lugar como mi hogar
    there's no place like home /ðeə(r)z nəʊ pleɪs laɪk həʊm/
  19. con mas detalle 
    mas concienzudamente
    • in more detail /ˈdiːteɪl/
    • You should describe the main character ́s feelings in more detail.
  20. convenciéndome
    the main character wasn't convincing for me.
  21. divertir,  gusta
    • I think that more and more people
    • would entertain the idea of using Ipads,
  22. mas que
    I think it’s easier for people to download them rather than go to a book store or go to a library.
  23. registrarse, apuntarse
    Why don't you enter a writing competition?
  24. todos nosotros
    don’t forget to give us all a signed copy.
  25. plagiar
  26. popular entre quinceañeros
    popular with teenagers
  27. su popularidad continua en aumento
    his popularity continues to grow
  28. hacerse famoso
    to became popular
  29. ganar un premio
    to win a prize
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