Chapter 5 Quiz

  1. Under the federal Lead Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act, the following is true
    A disclosure statement must be attached to all sales contracts and leases involving properties built before 1978
  2. What do UFFI, lead based paint and asbestos have in common
    All were used in residential housing built in the 1970s
  3. The law that contains the broadest liabilities for environmental clean up is the
  4. Which do NOT have  liability under the environmental law?
    Real Estate Educators
  5. When attempting to discover environmental hazards in real estate transactions, licenses can do several things to minimize their professional liability.  The following is not adviseable
    Conducting their own environmenttal inspections
  6. The residentail Lead-Based paint Hazard Reduction Act requires
    The seller and the seller's agent to distribute a federal lead hazard pamphlet
  7. The most common source of lead poisoning is
    paint and plumbing
  8. Many state determine water use by aollocating water users who hold recorded beneficial use permits.  This type of water  privlidge is
    The docterine of prior appropriation.
  9. The following are powers of the goverenment
    • Police Power
    • Eminent domain
    • Taxation

  10. Property deeded to a school for educational purposed only conveys a
    Fee Simple on condition subsequent
  11. A neighbor has the legal right to pass over the land owned by his neighbor.  This is called
    An easement
  12. A man conveys ownership of his residence to his daughter but reserves for himself a life estate in the residence.  The interest the daughter owns during her father's lifetime is
    A Future interest
  13. An owner has fenced his propety.  By mistake, the fence extends on foot over his lot line onto the property of a neighbor.  The fence is an example of an
  14. A person has permisison from a property owner to hike on the owner's  property during the summer.  THe hiker has
    A license.
  15. Which is a characteristic of appurtenant easement?
    Runs with the land
  16. A tenant in an apartment holds a
    leasehold interest
  17. The aquisition of land through deposit of soil or sand washed up by water is called
  18. The type of easement that is a right of way for a utility company's power lines is an
    easement in gross
  19. A landowner has divided much of his land into smaller parcels and has recently sold a tract near a nature preserve that is land locked and cannot be entered except through one of the other tracts.  What type of easement will be granted to the buyer of that property by court action?
    Easement of necessity.
  20. The following will terminate an easement
    • Nonuse of a perscriptive easement
    • Adverse possession by the owner of the servient easement
    • Abandonment of easement

    NOT release of the right of easement to the dominant tenenet.
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