BIMM 120 CH 3

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  1. Five methods of cell fractionation
    • sonication
    • mild detergents
    • enzymes
    • mechanical disruption
    • ultracentrifuge
  2. forward vs. reverse genetics
    • forward: random mutations
    • reverse: specific mutations
  3. In eukaryotic membranes, what are the lipid molecules?
  4. In bacterial membranes, what are the lipid molecules?
  5. In archaea membranes, what are the lipid molecules?
    • terpenoids
    • monolayer
  6. bacterial cell wall is also known as
  7. Peptidoglycan is made up of what two modified sugars?
    NAG and NAM
  8. Which kind of bacteria have thick cell walls?
    gram positive
  9. where are lipoproteins and lipopolysaccharides on gram negative bacteria?
    inward facing leaflet of OM and outward facing leaflet of OM, respectively
  10. Algae cell wall are made of
  11. Fungi cell wall are made of
  12. Diatom exoskeleton is made of
  13. what shapes do these proteins determine? FtsZ, MreB, and CreS
    • FtsZ:¬†sphere
    • MreB:¬†rod shaped
    • CreS: crescent shaped
  14. prokaryotic cells divide by
    binary fission
  15. parallel septum forms
    streptococci, chain
  16. random plane septums form
    staphylococci, cluster
  17. thylakoids
    folded photosynthetic membranes
  18. carboxysomes
    polyhedral bodies packed with rubisco enzyme for CO2 fixation
  19. gas vesicles
    increase buoyancy
  20. pili vs stalks
    • pili: filaments used in attachment
    • stalks: membrane-embedded extension of cytoplasm
  21. peritrichous, lophotrichous, monotrichous flagella placement
    random, at the end(s), one
  22. chemotaxis
    movement of bacteria based on chemical gradients
  23. attractants cause
    CCW, runs
  24. repellents cause
    CW, tumbles
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