08 - Influencing the Exchange Rate

  1. Equilibrium Exchange Rate
    Exchange rate at the point where the demand and supply curves intersect.
  2. Purchasing Power Parity (PPP)
    Exchange rates adjust to ensure prices of the same goods are equal between countries.
  3. Commodity Price Index
    Index of changes in the monthly weighted average prices of rural, base metal and resource commodities.
  4. Tariff
    Charge levied by a government on imports into the country.
  5. Quota
    Government restriction on the amount of a specified good that may be imported into the country.
  6. Embargo
    Prohibition on the import or export of specified goods.
  7. FX Smoothing
    Central bank buy/sell actions in the FX market designed to stabilise a volatile market.
  8. Regression Analysis
    Determines the relationship between a dependent variable and independent variables.
  9. Regression Coefficient
    Measures the responsiveness of a dependent variable to an independent variable.
  10. Dummy Variable
    Binary method (0 or 1) used to distinguish between two sets of data.
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