Chapter 4 Quiz

  1. A monument is used in which type of legal description
    Metes and Bounds
  2. The least acceptable method for identifying real property is
    Street Address
  3. An acre contains
    43,560 square feet
  4. A datum is
    used in the description of an air lot
  5. In describing real estate, a system that uses feet, degrees, and monuments
    Metes and Bounds
  6. A description meets the standard of being legally sufficient if a
    compentent surveyor can located the parcel using the description
  7. The legal description in the documents for each transfer of property must
    be identical to the one used in prior transfers
  8. The following are basic components of a metes and bounds description
    Base lines, principal meridians and townships
  9. THe point or surface from which elevations are measured is called
    A datum
  10. A brass marker that surveyors use to mark kocal datums is called a
  11. What system uses a property's physical  features to determine boundires and measurements
  12. The least specific method or identifying real property is
    Street Address
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Chapter 4 Quiz
Chapter 4 Quiz