Chapter 3 Quiz

  1. Uner the federal Lead -Based Paint Hazaed Reduction Act, the following statement is true
    A disclosure statement must be attached to all sales contracts and leases involving properties buildt before 1978
  2. What do UFFI, lead based paint and asbestos have in common?
    All were used in residentail housing buildt in the 1970's
  3. The law that contains the boradest liabilities for environmental clean up
    • CERCLA--comprehensive environmental response, compensation and liability act 
    • created in 1980 to address hazordous waste sites and provide a process for identifying parties responsible for clean-up actions
  4. Who does NOThave liability under the environmental law
    Real Estate Educators
  5. When attempting to discover environmental hazards in real estate transactions, licensees can do the followining to minimize their professinal liability
    • Using licensed environmental inspectors
    • Using environmental inspectors
    • Encouraging buyers to have professional inspections conducted

    They may NOT conduct their own environmental inspections.
  6. The residentail Lead Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act requires
    The seller or the seller's agent to distribute a federal lead hazaed pamphlet
  7. The most common sources of lead poisoning in a home are
    Paint and plumbing
  8. The following is true about asbestos
    THe removal of asbestos can further contaminate the building
  9. The following is true about radon
    It can be reduced in a building with proper ventilation
  10. The following can protect a buyer from unexpected environmental problems after closing
    ESA--environmental site assessment
  11. The most important step involved in managing the risk of environmental hazards is to
    Gather and disseminate authoritive information
  12. What environmental problem is often the cause of the decline of urban values?
  13. The purpose of laws concerning asbestos is to
    minimize the release of asbestos fibers during construction
  14. A colorless, oderless gass that is a significant health hazaed that ccurs as a natural btproduct of combustion is
    carbon monoxide
  15. The term encapsulation refers to the
    Method of sealing disintegrating asbestos
  16. The following describes the process of creating a landfill site
    Waste and topsoil are layered in a pit, mounded up, and them covered with dirt and plants.
  17. Where is urea-formaldehyde MOST often found in residential properties?
    Off gassing from pressed wood adhesives
  18. Contamination from underground storage tanks USTs
    is addressed by EPA regulations
  19. CERCLA regulations for administration of the Superfund, which helps pay for cleanup of uncontrolled hazordous waste sites
    impose strict, joint and several and retroactive liability on potentially responsible parties
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Chapter 3 Quiz
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