Chapter 2 Quiz

  1. A provision in a subdivision declaration used as a means of fencing grantees to live up to the terms under which they hold the title to the land
    Resrictive Covenant
  2. A landowner who wants to use the property in a manner prohibited by a local zoning ordinance can try to obtain which of the following from the municipality
  3. Public Land use controls include all of the following
    • Subdivision regulations
    • Environmental protections laws
    • comprehensive plans

    They do NOT include Deed Restrctions
  4. The police power allows regulation of all of the following
    • The number of buildings
    • The side of the buildings
    • Building Occupany

    It does not regulate building owner ship
  5. The purpose of building permit is to
    Provide evidence of compliance with municipal construction regulations.
  6. The goals of a municipal planning commission include the following
    • Formulation of policy
    • Determination of land uses
    • converservation of natural resources

    Does not include:  Preventing vairiences from being issued
  7. The grantor of a deed may place effective restrictions on
    The use of the land
  8. Zoning powers are conferred on municipal goverenments
    By state enabling acts
  9. Zoning Hearing boards are established to hear the complaints about
    The effects of a zoning ordinance
  10. A new zoning ordinance is enacted.  A building that is permitted to continue in it's former use even though that use does not comply wih a new zoning ordinance is an example of
    A nonconforming use
  11. To determine whether a location can be put to future use as a retail storem one would examine the
    Zoning ordinances
  12. The following would NOT be included in a list of deed restrictions
    Allowable ethnic origins of purchasers
  13. How might a restrction on a seller's deed be enforced?
    Court injunction
  14. A developer may establish what to control and maintain the character and quality of a subdividion
    Restrictive covenants
  15. A map illistrating the sizes and location of streets and lots in a subdivision is called a
  16. Soil absorption and drainage are measured by
    Percolation Test
  17. When a development increases traffic flow on existing streets and highways, the municipality can fund the cost of transportation improvements that are needed becasue of this development through
    Impact fees
  18. To protect the public from fraudulent interstate land sales, a developer involved in interstate land sales of 25 or more lots must
    Provide each purchaser with a report of the details of the land, as registered by HUD
  19. Where are permitted land uses and set-asides, housing projections, transportation issues and objectives for implementing future controlled development found?
    Comprehensive plans
  20. When is a certificate of occupany issued?
    After a newly constructed building has been inspected and found satisfactory by the municipal inspector
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