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  1. Name the molecular technique:
    - ultracentrifugation and selective extraction with detergents
    Cell Fractionation
  2. Name the molecular technique:
    - makes it possible to fix the position of individual atoms in a molecule
    X-ray diffraction (crystallography)
  3. Name the molecular technique:
    - Study molecules in solution (native environment)
  4. Constitute all of the cell's mRNA molecules
  5. Constitute all of a cell's proteins
  6. Methods used to study transcriptome
  7. Methods used to study proteome
  8. The transcriptome and proteome ____ change in response to a changing environment.
  9. Name two methods of high throughput gene expression analysis:
    • 1. DNA microarays
    • 2. RNA seq
  10. What enzyme do both, DNA microarrays and RNA seq use?
    Reverse transcriptase
  11. Name the type of analysis:
    Image Upload 1
    DNA microarray
  12. Name the technique:
    - used to view and capture fluctuations in the proteome
    Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis
  13. What does the first dimension of two-dimensional gel electorphoresis do?
    Sepearates proteins by their charge (isoelectric focusing)
  14. What does the second dimension of two-dimensional gel electrophoresis do?
    Further separates proteins by their molecular weights
  15. Name the technique:
    Image Upload 2
    Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis
  16. How are proteins identified?
    Must be broken down into individual peptides
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