Chem 102 Quantum mechanics #2

  1. How many electrons are in each orbital?
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    • * Note that you multiply the final number (RED NUMBER) by 2 for the spin numbers.
  2. Which spin is clockwise? Which anti clockwise?
    • There can only be 2 electrons per orbital.
    • Pauli’s exclusion principle states that no two electrons can have the same 4 quantum numbers.
    • Because electrons are charges they are associated with a spin + ½ clockwise or – ½ anti clockwise.
    • This means no two atoms can hold the exact same spaceas another.
  3. Why is Hydrogen degenerate?
    All it's orbitals are on the same energy level.
  4. How do the orbitals fill out?
    1 2s 2p 3s 3p 4s 3d 4p
  5. Label the electron configuration for 3p^5
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