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  1. Norm-referenced:
    The only way a norm reference test works only if you have a large enough sample. (an example would an IQ test).
  2. Criterion-referenced:
    reference test means it essentially measuring what a person is able to do (ex: QB rating; aircraft test).
  3. Norms:
    establish average values (high or low?) & helps find the deviation (how far above or below the mean); large term in relation to testing.
  4. Assessment:
    WW2, the government invented this term as a program to select people for secret service.
  5. Motivation examinee:
    Is only appropriate in an individual test (ex: paper and pencil group; IQ test).
  6. Predicting success:
    the aptitude test- success in occupation (ex: do you have an aptitude for sales).
  7. Achievement test:
    used to measure the degree of learning you have accomplished
  8. Standardizing a test:
    have to have the same instructions for each person
  9. Getting directions for a test:
    manuals on how to use the test
  10. Personality tests:
    Check list, NEO, Myer Briggs
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