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    calf (kăf) 

    The back portion of the lower leg.
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    thigh (thī)

    Area between the pelvis and the knee.
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    leg (lĕg)

    Human lower limb extending from the knee to the ankle.
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    ankle (ăng′kəl)

    The region where the foot and the leg meet.
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    foot (fo͝ot)

    The lower extremity of the leg.
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    arm (ärm)

    The upper limb of the body.
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    knee  (nē)

    The joint between the thigh and the lower leg.
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    back  (băk)

    The large posterior area of the human body.
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    neck  (nĕk)

    The part of the body joining the head to the shoulders or torso.
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    head  (hĕd)

    The uppermost part of the body containing the brain and the eyes, ears, nose and mouth.
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    metatarsus  (mĕt′ə-tär′səs)

    A group of five long bones in the foot.
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    heel (hēl)

    The posterior end of the foot.
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    hand  (hănd)

    The terminal part of the arm located below the forearm, consisting of the wrist, palm and fingers.
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    elbow  (ĕl′bō′)

    The joint or bend of the arm between the forearm and the upper arm.
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    shoulder  (shōl′dər)

    The joint connecting the arm with the torso.
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    chest  (chĕst)

    The part of the body between the neck and the abdomen. The thorax.
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    waist  (wāst)

    The part of the abdomen between the rib cage and hips.
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    hip  (hĭp)

    Lateral prominence of the pelvis from the waist to the thigh.
  19. toes
    toes  (tōs)

    The digits of the foot.
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