Biology 3400 - Lecture 6

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  1. Genomics
    Discipline of mapping, sequencing, analyzing and comparing genomes
  2. Sanger sequencing NTPs
    Dideoxy NTPs
  3. Comparitive genomics
    Comparing ORFS in other genomes
  4. How are ORF's defined?
    Shine-delgarno sequences
  5. Hypothetical protein
    Uncharacterized ORFs; proteins that likely exist but whose function is currently unknown
  6. Two most important gene groups
    Translation and replication (constant no with gene size)
  7. Key pathway proteins synthesized in organelles
    Oxidative phosphorylation
  8. How many proteins do mammalian mitochondria encode?
  9. Can symbionts live without a host?
  10. Transcriptome
    Entire compliment of RNA produced under a given set of conditions
  11. Microarrays
    Small solid-state supports which genes or portions of genes are fixed and arrayed spatially in a known pattern
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