Vocabulaire anglais position 2

  1. Where is the clock ?
    Image Upload 1
    the clock is under the pillow
  2. Where are the trousers ?
    Image Upload 2
    The trousers are on the bed.
  3. Where are the animals ?
    Image Upload 3
    The animals are in the room
  4. Where is the desk ? (wardrobe and bed)
    Image Upload 4
    The desk is between the wardrobe and the bed
  5. where is the wardrobe ? (desk)Image Upload 5
    the wardrobe is behind the desk
  6. Where is the picture ? (wardrobe)
    Image Upload 6
    The picture is next to the wardrobe
  7. Where is the sock ? (shoes)
    Image Upload 7
    the sock is near the shoes
  8. Where is the desk ? (wardrobe)
    Image Upload 8
    the desk is in front o f the wardrobe
  9. Where is the magazine ? (guitar)
    Image Upload 9
    the magazine is under the guitar
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Vocabulaire anglais position 2
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