1. ´╗┐year
    #Would you consider used or new(demo)?
  2. size
    #You wanna go bigger or smaller than what you are driving now?
  3. doors
    #You wanna go 2 door, 4 door?
  4. wd
    #You wanna go 2WD or 4WD?
  5. class
    #sedan or wagon?
  6. Transmission
    #You wanna go automatic, manual (4speed, 5 speed)
  7. color
    #You wanna go light, medium or dark in color?
  8. Purpose
    #What will you be using this vehicle for? Sir, will you be using it for business, for pleasure or both? (if business - Do you work for yourself, Sir, or for someone else?) What do you want it to do for you?
  9. where
    #Most of your driving gonna be done in town or highway?
  10. km
    #How many kilometers will you be driving your car a year?
  11. driver
    #Who will the primary driver be? and who's gonna be the secondary driver?
  12. Equipment
    #How do you want your car eqipped?
  13. What to do
    #What do you want your new vehicle to do that the car you have now doesn't satisfy?
  14. Benefits
    #What benefits would you like to get from new vehicle?
  15. Interest
    #Why do you have an interest in this vehicle?
  16. Before
    #Have you ever owned this vehicle before?
  17. N1
    #What is the most important thing you want from new vehicle?
  18. N2
    #What is the second most important consideration of this vehicle?
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