Astronomy test 2 nagmita

  1. Dr. Crazy likes to study..
    Planetry nebulie
  2. Historical order of 5 dead white dudes
    • 1. Copernicus¬†
    • 2. Brahe
    • 3. Kepler
    • 4. Galileo
    • 5. Newton
  3. First sun centered model of the solar system or universe was by
  4. Best naked-eye astronomer was
  5. What is parallax?
    view an object from 2 different locations and measure it's distance, used by brahe
  6. Discusses planetary motions, 3 laws of ellipses of planets was by
  7. What are the 3 laws of ellipses?
    • 1. Sun is the focus of a planet's ellipse
    • 2. Closer to sun, faster; farther from sun, slower
    • 3. Smaller ellipses have shorter periods, bigger ellipses have longer orbital periods.
  8. First observation of the sun
  9. 2 laws we need to know of Gravity?
    • 1. object will stay in motion and a straight line unless acted upon by an outside force.
    • 2. F= ma
  10. What would happen to a planet's orbital speed if its mass were to be doubled but the distance stayed the same?
    It would orbit at the same speed
  11. When a planet is twice as far away from its star, how does the gravitational force change between them?
    The force will be 1/4 as strong
  12. When a planet becomes 3 times as massive, but the orbit is the same, How does the gravitational force change between the planet and the star?
    The force will be 3x as strong
  13. What are Epicycles?
    When Greeks added a second circle to the geocentric model.
  14. Keplers 3 laws
    • 1. orbit of a planet around the sun is an ellipse
    • 2. There are equal areas and times of interval when a planet goes around the sun
    • 3. size of orbit determines orbital period.
  15. What can be learn by analyzing starlight?
    • 1. A star's temp from its blackbody curve
    • 2. What atoms are present, from absorption lines in the spectrum.
    • 3. A star's motion
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Astronomy test 2 nagmita
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