Derm2- Dermatophytosis

  1. What is fungal kerion?
    nodules to draining tracts
  2. What are differentials for kerions? (3)
    deep pyoderma, neoplasia, dermatophytosis
  3. How can you rule out/in the differentials for kerions?
    • Deep pyo: impression smears
    • Neoplasia: histopathology
    • Dermatophytosis: DTM
  4. When is a Wood's Lamp useful?
    only 50% of Microsporum canis fluoresce under black light, so if there is no fluorescence, you can't rule it out; also some other things can cause fluorescence; if there is fluorescence, use these hairs to culture on DTM
  5. What is the gold standard for diagnosing dermatophytosis?
    DTM fungal culture (red color change from 7-10 days, but not later/ growth and color change at SAME TIME)- pluck hairs on the periphery of the lesion; toothbrush fungal culture (use this when you don't see specific lesions, but you're suspicious)
  6. How do you treat dermatophytosis?
    all cases need systemic treatment
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Derm2- Dermatophytosis
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