2016 Policy Statements

  1. The Insurance Services Office (ISO) requires firefighters to complete __? hours of firefighting based training annually.
    192 hours
  2. Target Solutions
    Hour requirements for Firefighter rank:
    • 198 hours
    • 6 haz mat
    • 192 company training
  3. Target Solutions
    Hour requirements for Driver rank:
    • 210
    • 6 Haz-Mat
    • 192 Company training
    • 12 Driver training
  4. Target Solutions
    Hour requirements for Officer rank:
    • 210 hours
    • 6 Haz-Mat
    • 12 Officer training
  5. TS
    Training hour requirements equate to approximately _? hours per day _? hours per shift
    • 2 hours per day
    • 4 hours per shift
  6. Completed Fire Science College courses such as building construction, fire behavior, and fire protection systems will be considered training hours and ONLY authorized by?
    Training Division Commander

    Battalions commanders are not authorized
  7. T/F.
    A 3 credit hour class from a college will be worth 40 hours Target Solutions credit if it is directly related to the Fire Service.

    *These activities will be validated by Academy Staff ONLY*
  8. AFD recognizes that some members may have reasons for an exception to their target solutions hour. Exceptions to Annual firefighting based Training Hours are:
    • Military Leave
    • FMLA
  9. If the "Admin" tab is not present, company officers must do what then to record completions?
    Email the Training Division CAPTAIN
  10. Recording a TS completion

    Company Officers can also refer to "____" document in the TS file center, Tutorials folder
    "How to record a Completion"
  11. Annual Human Resources Training

    Human resources training, annual courses and reading material will be assigned how often?
    Each Month

    So that acceptable workplace behaviors and expectations are better understood by all AFD employees.
  12. Annual Human Resources Training

    How many hours of online Human Resources based training will be completed in addition to the currently established Firefighting based training hours that were revised on October 1, 2014
    • 2-hours
    • 24- hours for the year of Human Resources Training
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