The Respiratory System

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  1. Pulmonary ventilation
  2. inspiration
    air flow into the lungs
  3. expiration
    air flow out of the lungs
  4. Pulmonary ventilation is a mechanical process dependent on
    volume changes in the thoracic cavity
  5. volume changes lead to pressure changes which leads to
    flow of gases to equalize pressure
  6. Respiratory pressure is described relative to
    atmospheric pressure
  7. atmospheric pressure is in relation to sea level equals
    760 mmHg
  8. Pressure exerted by air surrounding the body
    atmospheric pressure
  9. Less than atmospheric pressure
    negative respiratory pressure
  10. Greater than atmospheric pressure
    Positive respiratory pressure
  11. pressure within the alveoli
    intrapulmonary pressure
  12. pressure within the pleural cavity
    intraplueral pressure
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