Chapter 13 religion

  1. What are the Sacraments of Christian Initiation?
    • Baptism - welcomed into the church
    • Confirmation - sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit
    • Eucharist - receive Jesus Christ, Bread of Life
  2. What are the Sacraments of Healing?
    • Penance/Reconciliation - confession - turn to God with sorrow/sin and receive his love/forgiveness
    • Anointing of the Sick - sick people
  3. What are the Sacraments at Service of Communion?
    • Matrimony - marriage - family life - baptized man and woman - faithful love
    • Holy Orders - ordaining of baptized priests to lead and serve Church
  4. What is sanctifying grace?
    the grace we receive, through the power of the Holy Spirit, in the sacraments - allows us to share in God's life and respond to God's love
  5. As the Church we are united in Christ and celebrate his ___________ ______________.
    Paschal Mystery
  6. The gateway to all of the sacraments is ______________.
    Baptism - Sept 2002
  7. What is the liturgy?
    The official public prayer of the Catholic Church
  8. What is a sacrament?
    An effective sign given to us by Jesus Christ through which we share in God's life
  9. What does sanctify mean?
    to make holy
  10. The sacraments reflect 3 important stages of Christian life. What are they?
    • birth/growth
    • healing
    • mission
  11. What does it mean to say that the sacraments are effective signs? Give a specific example.
    For example, the water of Baptism signifies or is an effective sign of cleansing or purifying (water is a natural element that cleans or purifies)
  12. Who is Olivier Messiaen?
    • loved birds and music
    • organist for cathedral in Paris
    • drafted into French army
    • captured by Germans and sent to Poland prison camp
    • while captured continued to write music and have love for God
    • he wrote Quartet for the End of Time and performed for prisoners
    • He saw the extraordinary in ordinary life and recognized the presence of God
  13. The 3 purposes of the sacraments are to:
    • sanctify us
    • build up the Body of Christ
    • give worship to God
  14. Through all seven sacraments, the Holy Spirit works through the Church to communicate the graces of Jesus Christ and to carry on his saving work.
    True or False
  15. What are sacramentals? What are examples?
    blessings, actions, objects that help us respond to the grace of God that we receive in the sacraments - sacred signs instituted by the Church and used in liturgy and personal prayer

    • objects - rosaries, medals, crucifixes, blessed ashes, etc
    • actions - sign of cross, sprinkling blessed water
  16. What is grace?  page 312 in book
    a participation, or a sharing, in God's life and friendship
  17. holiness
    sharing in God's goodness and responding to his love by the way we live
  18. rituals
    symbolic actions
  19. Who is the patron saint of attorneys that stood up to King Henry VIII and his choice to divorce his wife and marry his mistress?
    St. Thomas More
  20. According to the Precepts of the Catholic Church, what are the requirements in celebrating sacraments in the Catholic faith?
    • attend confession once a year
    • receive sacrament of Eucharist at least once a year during Easter
  21. As Catholics we celebrate all the sacraments as a community. The sacraments join Catholics all over the world with Jesus and with one another.

    True or False
  22. The _________ ___________ works through the sacraments to empower us to live as faithful disciples of Christ.
    Holy Spirit
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