Chapter 12 Manifest Destiny part 3

  1. James K. Polk had 3 parts to his war plan, what was the third part?
    Capture Mexico City
  2. Vigilantes did what in the Gold Rush society?
    Took the law in to their own hands.
  3. Salt Lake City, founded by Mormons, was originally called what?
  4. A missionary who built a mission among the Cayuse people. He brought measles to the mission unknowingly, and killed many Native Americans children. The Cayuse attacked the mission and killed him, his wife and 12 others. Who was this?
    Dr. Marcus Whitman
  5. This president ordered General Zachary Taylor and his troops to the disputed borderland between Nueces River and the Rio Grande, where they built a fort. The fort was attacked by Mexican soldiers and this president used this as a reason to start a war. Who was this president?
    James K. Polk
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Chapter 12 Manifest Destiny part 3
Chapter 12 Manifest Destiny part 3