MGT Exam 1 (part 2)

  1. 4 things that a service business must get right. (SEFC)
    • 1. Service offering
    • 2. Employee management
    • 3. Funding mechanism
    • 4. Customer management
  2. The rate at which the system generates moneythrough sales.
  3. All the money the system has invested in thingswhich it intends to sell.
  4. All the money the system spends in order to turninventory into throughput.
    Operational expense
  5. What did Jonah say when asked, "What is the goal of your manufacturing organization?"
    To make money.
  6. What did Jonah say when asked, "How do you derive operational rules for  your plant?"
    Increase throughput while simultaneously reducing both inventory and operating expenses.
  7. GDP is reported by the... @ the end of each... and revised...
    Department of Commerce, quarter, twice.
  8. 4 types of key process-performance metrics in the process analytics sim. (CCLT)
    • 1. Cycle time 
    • 2. Capacity
    • 3. Labor utilization
    • 4. Throughput time
  9. 3 reports that fall under "Operations." (MPI)
    • 1. Manufacturers’ Shipments, Inventories & Orders (M3)
    • 2. Purchasing Manager’s Index(PMI)
    • 3. Industrial Production Productivity Report
  10. 3 reports that fall under "Marketing." (CCR)
    • 1. Consumer Confidence Index
    • 2. Consumer Sentiment
    • 3. Retail Sales Report
  11. 4 reports that fall under "Finance." (CMEC)
    • 1. Consumer Credit Report
    • 2. Money Supply Report
    • 3. Employee Cost Index
    • 4. Consumer Price Index
  12. In every process, every service, every plant, every project, there will be a... dice.
  13. In the TMOS, when the share of firms reporting an increase exceeds the share reporting a decrease, the index will be...
    greater than zero.
  14. In the TMOS, when the share of firms reporting a decrease exceeds the share reporting an increase, the index will be...
    below zero.
  15. In the TMOS, an index will be... when the number of firms reporting an increase is equal to the number of firms reporting a decrease.
  16. Which 3 categories does the M3 report cover? (SIO)
    • 1. Shipments
    • 2. Inventories
    • 3. Orders
  17. The advanced M3 report covers... goods.
  18. 2 improvements in the meals per hour video. (EC)
    • 1. Eliminate MUDA (waste)
    • 2. Create continuous flow
  19. Kaizen is japanese for...
    continuous improvement.
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