MGT Exam 1

  1. What is the name of the company that owns the Bearington plant?
  2. What product is manufactured at the Bearington Plant?
    It never said.
  3. Who is the top accountant at the Bearington plant?
  4. The rate at which the system generates money through sales.
  5. All the money the system spends to turn inventory into throughput.
    Operational expense
  6. What does Jonah give Alex during their first conversation?
    A cigar
  7. What is Alex Rogo's job title?
    Plant Manager
  8. All the money the system invests in purchasing things the system intends to sell.
  9. The chairman of the board at Unico.
    J. Bart Granby III
  10. Throughput is the rate the system generates money through...
  11. Jonah was Alex's... professor.
  12. How would Jonah quickly know that throughput increased in a plant?
    A plant sold more products.
  13. The reality that most of the factors critical to running you plant cannot be determined precisely ahead of time is known as...
    statistical fluctuations.
  14. How did the Boy Scout troop help Herbie move faster?
    The troop divided the content of Herbie's backpack among themselves.
  15. A plant where everyone is working all the time is very...
  16. What happened to Alex Rogo's father?
    He was run over by a bus.
  17. In Jonah's view, the depreciation on a machine is an... and the remaining book value of a machine is...
    operational expense, inventory.
  18. Who or what is Herbie?
    A boy scout.
  19. Jonah teaches that you should balance the flow of the plant with...
  20. Alex and Bob Donovan make a bet about whether Pete's department can keep up with the robot and ship 100 pieces by the end of the day. What is the outcome of that wager?
    Pete beats the robot, but they don't ship 100 pieces at day's end.
  21. The Bearington plant strategy prior to Jonah.
    Maintain efficiencies by building inventory.
  22. How did the team at the Bearington plant reduce bottlenecks in the Heat Treat area?
    When treating a batch of items, the workers filled the unused space in the furnace with items from other batches.
  23. Who gets a promotion in chapters 17-24?
    Hilton Smyth
  24. How did the team at the Bearington plant reduce bottlenecks at the NCX-10?
    By deploying a Zmegma, a Screwmeister, and one other machine.
  25. What two tag colors are used in the process experiment at the Bearington plant?
    Green and red.
  26. In which chapter did Alex Rogo start thinking globally about his marriage?
    Chapter 21
  27. After the Bearington plant's strong May report, what does Bill Peach require to keep the plant open at the end of the third month?
    15% more on the bottom line.
  28. Where do Alex and Julie plan to travel when they reconcile?
    Las Vegas
  29. Jonah teaches Alex, to run the plant, you must balance the... with... levels rather than... levels.
    flow of the plant, demand, capacity.
  30. When you make use of a resource in a way that moves the system toward the goal, Jonah calls this...
  31. When Alex challenges his children to come up with a solution to keep everyone together in line on a hike when you can't move Herbie, his daughter Sharon suggests...
    using a drum.
  32. Which two types of time take the longest in the manufacturing process?
    • 1. Queue time
    • 2. Wait time
  33. Johnny Jons and Alex Rogo make a wager together.  What is the payout?
  34. The time a part spends waiting for a resource, while the resource is preparing itself to work on the part is...
    setup time.
  35. In Eli Goldratt’s video, “Thinking Globally”, how does he define a system as a whole?
    The unit that really interacts with the external world.
  36. In Eli Goldratt’s video, “Thinking Globally”, he highlighted two primary activities through which retailers reduce inventory levels. Please identify both of them. (SS)
    • 1. Selling inventory @ promotional prices.
    • 2. Stop purchasing additional inventory.
  37. What does Dr. Goldratt claim prevents us from seeing the obvious?
    Almost all of us tend to think in local terms.
  38. With whom was Dr. Goldratt consulting in his "Thinking Globally" video?
    The electronic components producer
  39. What happened to unit sales to the end consumer in the video?
    They most likely did not change; maybe even increased slightly.
  40. The secret to Progressive's success.
    It out-operated its competitors by offering lower prices and better service than its rivals.
  41. The invention and deployment of new ways of doing work.
    Operational innovation
  42. Less than... % of companies achieve operational innovation.
  43. Progressive's rate comparison tool is an example of a...
    customer management system.
  44. Business culture... operations.
  45. Why so little operational innovation?
    Operations are out of sight and out of mind-set.
  46. The basic rule in Goldratt's video.
    As long as the end consumer did not buy, nobody in the supply chain actually sold.
  47. OEM stands for...
    Original Equipment Manufacturer
  48. How much inventory do retailers usually hold? (in terms of months)
    About 3 and a half to 4 and a half months worth.
  49. How many turnarounds did SWA make each day in 2008?
  50. How many more planes would SWA need if they had 60-minute instead of 30-minute turnarounds?
    110 planes
  51. 60-minute turnarounds would reduce SWA's net income by...
  52. SWA could expect to sell... seats per day out of LaGuardia.
  53. SWA's ROI on the LaGuardia acquisition would be... %
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