Quake #1

  1. How are Seismic Waves caused?
    • -When energy is released, during an earthquake, as a fault ruptures.
    • -radiate away in all directions from the focus (hypocenter)
    • -2 types: 1) body 2) surface
    • -2 types of body waves 1) Primary(travels faster) 2)Secondary waves( arrive second)
    • -recorded on seismographs
  2. Modified Mercalli Intensity scale
    evaluate the effects of earthquakes, based on observed effects
  3. Why moderate sized quakes don't relieve the stress (and prevent) a larger quake
    Loma Prieta was not "The big one" nor will it prevent it
  4. Characteristics corresponding to magnitude
    • 1) Longer length of rupture, larger the magnitude
    • Fault segmants and their "characteristic magnitude"
    • 2) More offset, larger magnitude
    • 3) Larger magnitude: longer shaking (also related to groundtype)
  5. Geologic factors which affect level of earthquake damage
    • 1) Magnitude of the earthquake
    • 2) distance from the epicenter/ fault
    • 3)local "ground" type: solid rock or
    • unconsolidated ground ex: Alluvium (amplifies shaking; may liquefy
    • 4) Duration of shaking
    • 5)Focusing of the seismic waves
  6. Why do some areas have higher damage than expected (on their basis of their distance from the epicenter)?
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