Fundamentals of Nursing Chapter 2 vocab

  1. The continuing development of new technologies and medications shorten ___ and also causes health care costs to ____.
    Length of stay, increase
  2. biggest consumer of health care
    the Federal govt.
  3. the Professional standards review organization (PSROs) was created by the ____ to review_____.
    Fed govt, quality, quantity, cost of hospital care.
  4. Medicare qualified hospitals had physician- supervised___.
    utilization review committees to review admissions, diagnostic testing, and treatments.
  5. Utilization review commitees intent was to identify and eliminate ___
    overuse of diagnostic and treatment services.
  6. THe prospective payment system (PPS) established by Congress eliminated cost-based reimbursement and grouped inpatient hospital servieces for Medicare clients into 468 ____.
    Diagnosis- related groups. (DRGs)
  7. Each DRG had a fixed reimbursement amount based on__
    case severity, rural/urban, regional costs, teaching cost.
  8. Each hospital receive a set dollar amount for each client based on the assigned __
  9. THe term ___ refers to health care systems in which there is administrative control over primary health care services fo a defined client population.
    managed care
  10. Pr
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