chapter 19 vocabulary

  1. continental shelf
    the gradually sloping end of a continent that extends under the ocean
  2. continental slope
    ocean basin feature that dips steeply down from the continental shelf
  3. abyssal plain
    flat seafloor area from 4000 m to 6000 m below the ocean surface, formed by the deposition of sediments
  4. trench
    a long narrow steep sided depression where one crustal plate sinks beneath another
  5. photosynthesis
    food makng process using light energy from the sun, carbon dioxide, and water
  6. chemosynthesis.
    food making process using sulfur or nitrogen compounds, rather that light energy from the sun, that is used by bacteria living near hydrothermal vents
  7. plankton
    marine organisms that drift in ocean currents
  8. nekton
    marine organisms that actively swim in the ocean
  9. benthos
    marine plants and animalsthat live on or in the ocean floor
  10. estuary
    an area where the mouth of a river opens into an ocean
  11. reef
    a rigid wave resistant structure built by corals from skeletal material
  12. pollution
    the introduction of harmful waste products,chemicals, and other substances not native to an enviroment
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