Vocab Unit 11

  1. Abrogate
    • V. To repeal, cancel, declare null and void
    • Synonyms: annul, revoke
    • Antonyms: reaffirm, renew, ratify
  2. ambient
    Adj. completely surrounding, encompassing
  3. asperity
    • N. roughness, severity; bitterness or tartness
    • synonyms: rigor, harshness
    • Antonyms: mildness, blandness, softness, lenience
  4. burnish
    • V. To make smooth or glossy by rubbing, polish
    • N. gloss, brightness, luster
    • Synonyms: shine, buff
    • Antonyms: tarnish, dull, abrade
  5. cabal
    • N. a small group working in secret
    • Synonyms: clique, ring, gang, plot, conspiracy
  6. delectable
    • Adj. delightful, highly enjoyable; deliciously flavored, savory
    • N. an appealing or appetizing food or dish
    • Synonyms: delicious, scrumptious
    • Antonyms: repugnant, repulsive, distasteful
  7. deprecate
    • V. to express mild disapproval; to belittle
    • Synonyms: deplore, frown upon
    • Antonyms: smile on, countenance, approve
  8. detritus
    • N. loose bits and pieces of material resulting from disintegration or wearing away; fragments that result from any destruction
    • Synonyms: debris, wreckage, ruins, rubble
  9. ebullient
    • Adj. overflowing with enthusiasm and excitement; boiling, bubbling
    • Synonyms: exhilarated, elated, exuberant
    • Antonyms: gloomy, morose, sullen, apathetic, blase
  10. eclectic
    • Adj. drawn from different sources
    • N. one whose beliefs are drawn from various sources
    • Synonyms: selective, synthetic, pick-and-choose
    • Antonyms: uniform, monolithic
  11. flaccid
    • Adj. limp, not firm; lacking vigor or effectiveness
    • Synonyms: soft, flabby
    • Antonyms: hard, firm, solid
  12. impecunious
    • Adj. having little or no money
    • Synonyms: penniless, impoverished, indigent
    • Antonyms: affluent, wealthy, prosperous, rich
  13. inexorable
    • Adj. inflexible, beyond influence; relentless, unyielding
    • Synonyms: inescapable, ineluctable, obdurate
    • Antonyms: avoidable, yielding, pliant
  14. Moribund
    • Adj. Dying, on the way out
    • Synonyms: obsolescent
    • Antonyms: flourishing, thriving
  15. Necromancer
    • N. one who claims to reveal or influence the future through magic, especially communication with the dead; in general, a magician or wizard
    • Synonyms: sorcerer, conjurer
  16. onerous
    • Adj. burdensome; involving hardship or difficulty
    • Synonyms: oppressive, weighty
    • Antonyms: light, easy, undemanding, untaxing
  17. rife
    • Adj. Common, prevalent, widespread, happening often; full, abounding; plentiful, abundant, replete
    • Antonyms: devoid of, lacking
  18. rudiments
    • N. the parts of any subject or discipline that are learned first; the earliest stages of anything
    • Synonyms: fundamentals, basics
  19. sequester
    • V. to set apart, separate for a special purpose; to take possession of and hold in custody
    • Synonyms: seclude, segregate, isolate, closet
  20. winnow
    • V. to get rid of something unwanted, delete; to sift through to obtain what is desirable; to remove the chaff from the wheat by blowing air on it; to blow on, fan
    • Synonyms: sift, strain, filter, sort
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