1. Put a sock in it!
    Shut up!
  2. The proof is in the pudding
    You need to try first before making a judgement.
  3. Thingy
    A word used when you forget a name for something or somebody's name.
  4. Cheap and cheerful
    Cheap and nasty
    • Something that is not expensive and serves its purpose.
    • Something cheap and of bad quality.
  5. To make a monkey out of somebody
    Try to make someone look foolish or t humiliate someone
  6. to test the water
    to test the idea, try it out and see if it works
  7. To lie through your teeth
    to tell someone something that's completely untrue
  8. Hot potato
    When something becomes a XXX, it becomes a problem and difficult to handle.
  9. There's method to my madness
    although what I'm doing looks like madness I'm doing it deliberately; I have a reason for doing it
  10. In good nick
    in good condition
  11. A bitter pill to swallow
    it's a situation that is unpleasant and difficult to accept
  12. a little white lie
    a lie that's told just to avoid upsetting someone
  13. I'm game
    I am interested in doing something fun or unusual
  14. (Went) down the pan
    an expression we use informally to say something disastrous has happened
  15. to frogmarch
    to force someone who is unwilling to move forward or to walk somewhere, often by holding their arms tightly
  16. to butter up
    to be especially nice to somebody in the hope they'll do something good for you in return
  17. don't give up the day job!
    Don't give up the day job Pete - you're never going to earn a living as a singer!
    • an expression which means someone's not very good at doing something and isn't likely ever to be successful at doing it.  it's used in a humorous and light-hearted way.
    • Example: think twice, Pete, you are never going to earn a living as a singer!
  18. Food for thought
    serious ideas or topics for us to think about
  19. Joe Bloggs
    Tom, Dick and Harry
    John Doe, Jane Doe (AM)
    The name we can use when we want to refer to the average person
  20. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater
    'don't lose something valuable while we're getting rid of something else that we don't want'
  21. to take for a ride
    to deceive
  22. Like water off a duck's back
    a phrase that means that criticisms or negative things have no effect on you
  23. Eat humble pie
    you have to admit you can't do something you boasted about
  24. My husband cheated on me with my best friend! I'm going to get the best divorce lawyer in town and take him to the cleaners!

    My team has the best players and we'll take you to the cleaners in this Sunday's match!
    My husband cheated on me with my best friend! I'm going to get the best divorce lawyer in town and "get his money"!

    My team has the best players and we'll defeat you badly in this Sunday's match!
  25. Part of the furniture
    an expression we use to describe someone or something that's been in the same place for a very long time.
  26. fancy someone
    to find smb physically attractive
  27. That'll put hairs on your chest!
    It’s good for you, it’ll make you a strong man or a woman
  28. Sweet tooth
    this person likes sweet-tasting food, such as sweets, chocolates and desserts
  29. Bumper-to-bumper (traffic)
    When there is a lot of traffic on the road and it’s moving very slowly or not at all, the front of one car is almost touching the back of another one
  30. eye candy
    • someone who is attractive, but not very interesting
    • things which look good but are not very useful
  31. a people person
    someone who is good at dealing with other people
  32. something is a steal
    It's a bargain – so cheap that it’s almost as if you haven't paid anything for it.
  33. Bull and bear market
    when the price of shares on the stock market is rising or falling
  34. A barrel of laughs
    someone or something that is fun and always joking around
  35. To know something like the back of your hand
    to know somewhere very well, or to talk about an extremely familiar place, or used to describe things we know very well
  36. Give me credit
    Give me praise or appreciation for something I've done
  37. give credit where it's due
    at least acknowledge the things I have done
  38. He's got a good face for radio.
    He is not very good looking.
  39. I'm doing my best to keep the wolf from the door.
    I've only just got enough money to survive.
  40. to hot-desk
    hot-desking || hot-desking environment
    to keep certain number of desks and computers available for people to use, and anyone who needs them can use them. This way, companies can save space by reducing the overall number of desks, ecause not everyone is at work every day.
  41. Something (like a phone or camera) is out of juice (same applies to a person and a car (petrol))
    When you've used all the battery power of something
  42. red tape
    the rules and processes required to get official permits
  43. smalls, undies
  44. To drink someone under the table
    the phrase that means that if you and your friend both drink the same amount of alcohol, your friend will be very drunk, but you will be fine. In other words, you're saying that you've got a much higher tolerance of alcohol than another person
  45. Me time
    time we have for ourselves to do just what we want
  46. cyberbullying
    when people harass and harm other people online deliberately
  47. Take a back seat
    an idiom that means to give up control and let someone else take responsibility
  48. in black and white
  49. to be in a sticky situation
    to be in a situation that is difficult to get out of
  50. Sleep on it!
    to spend some time thinking about something before making a final decision
  51. a close shave
    a dangerous or unpleasant situation that has only just been avoided; a narrow escape from something bad
  52. My mind's gone blank.
    suddenly to completely forget what you were about to do or say
  53. All over the place
    the phrase that means that someone is disorganised and confused
  54. There's no need to go around the houses || Don't go around the houses
    You don't have to waste time saying lots of unimportant things before you actually say what you want to say
  55. (It's) done and dusted
    a way of saying everything is OK now - nothing else needs doing.
  56. Take a chill pill!
    calm down and relax!
  57. (someone is) a wild card
    (someone is) unpredictable
  58. I am taking a stab in the dark.
    I'm just taking a shot in the dark.
    I  don't really know the truth and I am just guessing
  59. Keep a lid on it
    keep it secret
  60. To be on the ball
    to be alert and quick to react to things
  61. It's mind-blowing!
    It blows (blew) my mind
    so surprising that we stop and wonder about how amazing it is
  62. to be out for the count
    to be so tired from all the exercise that one falls asleep immediately once one's heads touched the pillow
  63. a game changer
    something that is so new and different, it changes the rules of the game (technology, a person with new ideas, new direction in music or fashion, any innovation, etc)
  64. a wow factor
    Something that surprises you
  65. full-on
    intense, something you get tired of
  66. to stab someone in the back
    to betray someone
  67. to downsize
    • 1. to cut the number of employees;
    • 2. to decrease living standards to save money;
  68. romcom
    • romantic comedy
    • detective movie
    • science fiction
  69. to kill time
    to do something that isn't really important just to occupy yourself before the start of your next plan or arrangement
  70. Like turkeys voting for Christmas
    a metaphor when someone accepts a situation which will have a negative outcome for them
  71. Face the music
    you have to accept the consequence of your mistakes.
  72. to go viral
    the expression that is used for a picture or a video which has become extremely popular by being circulated quickly and broadly on the internet
  73. Give the cold shoulder
    to behave in a way that is not friendly at all and to do it for no obvious reason
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