Chapter 17 Quiz

  1. The Civil Rights Act of 1866 prohibits discrimination in housing based on
  2. The agenct responsible for the enforcement of the Fair Housing Act is
    The Department of Housing and Urban Development HUD
  3. It is illegal for a lending institution to refuse to make a residential real estate loan in a particular area because of the
    Physical location of the property--redlining
  4. A discrimination suit may be filed in federal court by the
    Aggrieved person because of racial discriination
  5. In order to file a complaint of discrimination, the person alleging the prpoblem must
    Be able to prove that the discrimination occured.
  6. The Fair Housing Act of 1968 is contained in
    Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1968
  7. A prospective homebuyer who is black inquires about the availibility of a home in a predominately white residential neighbothood.  What should the broker say to a prospect?
    I'd be pleased to shoe you any houses you are interested in.
  8. Real Estate Broker are required to do all of the following
    • Take affirmitive marketing action in advertising
    • Take affirmative marketing action in canvassing
    • Prominently display the equal housing opportunity poster.
  9. Protection from threats or acts of violence against those who assist and encourage open housing rights is found in the
    Fair Housing Act of 1968
  10. The provisions of the Fair Housing Act apply
    In all states
  11. The following actions are illegal under federal and state fair housing laws include the following
    • Offering advantageous loan terms to encourage the resegregation of a residential area
    • Refusing to show certain residential property to non-English-speaking individuals
    • Channeling members of a certain minority group into an area already predominately occupied by members of that minority.
  12. The refusal of a lending institution to make a residential real estate loan strictly because of the racial composition of the neighborhood is called
  13. Discrimination based on familial status was prohibited with the passage of the
    Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988
  14. Discrimination on the basis of any of the following might be construted as violations of fair housing laws
    • Ethnic consideratins
    • Sexual Considerations
    • Religious COnsiderations
  15. THe following are exceptions to some fair housing laws for all of the following criteria
    • Retirement communities
    • Private Clubs
    • Religious Organization
  16. The practice of channeling families with children away from other buildings into an apratment building where other families with children reside is
  17. Sterring is
    Leading prospective homeowner to or away from certain neighborhoods
  18. When a salesperson represents that minorities are moving into the area to get homeowners to sell their properties, this activity is
    Panic selling
  19. The Federal Fair Housing Act prohibits all of the following
    • Blockbusting
    • Discriminatory advertising
    • Redlining
  20. Under the federal Fair Housing Act, it is illegal to discriminate because
    A person has AIDS
  21. A broker emloys several salespeople, one of which is a monority.  The broker tells the salesperson to work with only minority buyers and solicit listings in only predominately minority neighborhoods.  The following is true
    The salesperson's rights have ben violated by the broker
  22. The restictive covenants in a condo complex prohibit pets.  A prospective buyer with a physical disability relies on an animal for assistance.  The following is true
    This restriction is unenforcable when any person with a disability uese an animal for assistance
  23. The Americans with Disabilites Act requires that
    Reasonable accomidations be provided to people with disabilities
  24. The following is illegal
    Refusing to hire an otherwise qualifed person because he cares for his wife because she has a disability
  25. The following activity is legal
    Requiring a person with a disabiliy to establish an escrow account for hte costs to restore a property after it has been modified.
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