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  1. List five things to do as homework for keeping the valves intact?
    • Drink lots of water
    • Take recommended nutrition
    • Manage stress
    • Cross crawl
    • Avoid irritants such as wheat. dairy, salt, sugar, processed foods
  2. Where do you push to correct a closed ICV
    Right hand side of abdomen between navel and hip bone pushing down towards opposite hip
  3. Describe the Riddlers Points for food enzyme deficiency
    Right side of costal border where rib cage starts to curve. Approx 2 inches from sternum.
  4. Where does the Large Intestine meridian begin?
    Thumb side of nail bed of index finger
  5. Where does the Small Intestine meridian end?
    Small point in front middle of ear. Tragus
  6. Why is the Psoas related to the ICV?
    It is a kidney muscle which is a feedback loop with the intestines (water balance)
  7. Is it good to drink water with meals?
    • No
    • Best to drink 15 min prior to eating and an hour after to prevent dilution of the digestive juices
  8. How often should bowels open?
    • Daily at least once
    • preferably 2/3 times a day
  9. Describe the perfect motion?
    Firm, bulky, easy to pass, doesn't float, may break up a little on contact with the water, not odorous
  10. What emotions are linked with the Small Intestine?….. And the Large Intestine?
    S int Lack of/too much joy

    L int Grief/Letting go
  11. What is the best position to sit on the toilet when emptying bowels?
    Squat with knees higher than hips
  12. Where is Kidney 1?
    Center of sole of foot just under the ball
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