History 2C Test 1

  1. Johann Gutenberg
    Invented the printing press in Europe, known for the Gutenberg bible
  2. Humanism
    Humanist beliefs stress the potential value and goodness of human beings, emphasize common human needs, and seek solely rational ways of solving human problems.
  3. Significance of 1453
    Constantinople falls to the Muslims blocking the trade routes and increasing costs of imports by 6k%
  4. Fall of Constantinople date and significance
    1453 - falls to Muslims and blocks trade routes to Asia
  5. Significance of the crusades
    Introduces Europeans to Asian trade goods, spices, silks.
  6. Catalysts for Exploration after 1453
    Spice route blocked, high demand for spices and silks. Gutenbergs printing press giving more access to the written word.
  7. Prince Henry the Navigator
    • Portuguese 1394-1460
    • Subsidized scholarship, funds for schools, libraries, technological advances, maps, and the caravel (ship)
  8. Bartolome Dias
    • Portuguese Route to the Orient 1487-1488
    • First to circumnavigate Africa names the bottom tip the Cape of Good Hope
  9. Vasco de Gama
    second Portuguese to Circumnavigate Africa, reaches India on 2nd trip back brings weapons and takes control of Persian gulf and red sea.
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History 2C Test 1
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